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About Us

This world is moving forward with so many innovations and inventions. However, time management and keeping up with the latest updates happening all across the world has been a key task for every other person. No worries as here we are with our Industry Chronicle 24 news and blogs portal to help you get acquainted with all the things happening globally right at your fingertip. One can dive themselves in the pool of data relating to domains such as Technology, Health, Science, and Business.

The main aim of our Industry Chronicle 24 portal is to reduce the gap between you and the things happening in the world around you by providing you with even the minute details of an event in a short and crisp manner instantly. As our readers, you will be served regardless of the time and place you are at the very moment. To be precise, we will provide our information-hungry readers news and blogs with regards to topics such as latest launches, events, new inventions & discoveries, health & wellbeing, space & outer world, stock markets, digital currencies, and much more. Every data, facts, and figures presented in the blogs, articles and reports on this portal are verified and confirmed.

At Industry Chronicle 24 news gateway, we also strive to become a platform for the new voices to heard by others and make a positive change in society. We do not have connections with any of private or government agencies helping us to present the unbiased, true facts of any event or report. Also, our members do not follow any particular nationality. We all work with the aim of making positive progress in our lives by staying updated and serving as a means to educate and inform the people across the world. Furthermore, one can also share their reports or blogs through the mode of Guest posts.

So, let’s stay connected and pave the way to the progress of oneself and our nation as well.